How to Search for Rental Listings
Troubleshooting Search Problems

How to Search For Rental Listings

Choose "Search the rental listings" at the Access screen.

If you wish to go directly to a known listing number enter the number in the "Go to Listing #" box near the bottom of the screen and click on "Go to listing".

Enter the desired total rate in the rate box.

Select one of the seasonal rental options :
All rentals - show rental information all-year round, including seasonal rentals
Summer seasonal - show only rentals available for the entire summer season
Winter seasonal - show only rentals available for the winter season
Fri - Fri - show only rentals that can be booked from Friday through Friday
Sun - Sun - show only rentals that can be booked from Sunday through Sunday

Select one of the rental period options :
Available any time - show listings available any time during x to y
With any time, total price is price of single week matched.
Available every week - show listings available every week from x to y
With every week, total price is price of all weeks together.
Ignoring availability - show all listings regardless of availability
Not rented - show listings that aren't rented from x to y (including those
not available)

To search for a single week availability- Enter the desired rate for a single week and enter the desired date. CHRIS can also find an avaialable week within any date range. Just enter the date range and make sure "available any time" is selected.
To search for a multi-week availability (2 or more available weeks in a row)- Enter the total rate for all weeks (e.g. $1600 for 2 x $800 per week), enter the desired date range and then select "available every week".

CHRIS will also perform the availability search with other criteria as well. After entering the rate and dates you may also select form the other search criteria such as Location, Structure, Style, City, # of bedrooms. Then click on the search button and CHRIS will find the rental listings that meet all of your criteria.

Please note that you may select multiple amenities by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while you click on the amenities.

Click on the search button to find your rental listings. If no listings meet your criteria, you will be informed so. Use the search button to return you to the search screen. When your search is complete, you will be taken to the listings screen. You will see the number of listings that met your search criteria just above the Listing Info area. You may browse through all of the found listings by using the VCR-style buttons at the top of the screen. The listings are always in numerical order by listing number.

Troubleshooting Search Problems

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